The Hub

In July 2019, following many years Elim Christian Centre Southampton embarked on an ambitious building project to demolish and rebuild the back church rooms that had become unfit for purpose. In April 2021 ‘The Hub’ was built to provide church office space, a prayer room, meeting rooms and a social area.  

After many years we now have a facility that we can use to reach our community with the love of Jesus. We thank God for all he has done because without him this project would never have been possible. This is the story of our journey…



Where did it start?

Back in the late 1980’s – early nineties the church leadership started discussing the possibility of improving the back end of the Park Road building which was no longer fit for purpose. Over the years different plans were drawn up but a lack of resources prevented things moving forward. However following the faithful giving of the church family and legacies that were left to the church over the years, in July 2019 the building work finally began. 

Stage One:


Due to the lack of foundations and subsidence the back of the church building needed to be completely  demolished.

Stage Two: Foundations

Next up were the foundations, despite some problems with the weather and issues with foundation depth, the foundations were finally laid.

Stage Three: Construction

Over the course of a few months the construction of the new building started to take shape, before the pandemic put an end to the project for a while. 

Stage Four: Completion

On the 28th April 2021, ‘The Hub’ was finally handed over to the church and with it fulfilling a long held vision to have a place that can be used for church ministries but also be a place of hope for our local community.